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Untitled (Looking Glass)



Kinetic/Sonic  Installation

PVC pipe, projector lens, cable, wooden instrument scrap, vibrating motors

Untitled is composed of a 2-metre long tube with guitar string stretched inside, tied to a motor, as well as two motors threaded through a part of a piano, one hitting the ground and another vibrating a string hitting the wall. In the looking glass, the viewer is only able to see a distorted image of the sound producing mechanism. With programmed timers that decide when the motors go on and off in a composed sequence, the installation is both sculptural and performative. The motors play a sequence of vibrations that is reminiscent of noise music, heavy clacking and also scratching. Further, the performance is enacted by the viewer as well, whose quest to find the source of and order of sounds in the space enlivens it. Critical to this navigation of space is the bodily relation of the viewer to the objects present.

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