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Interactive Sound Installation consisting of:

Bass amplifiers, mixing board, Zoom effect pedal, boundary microphones

Dimensions Variable


Technical Advisor: Zhengjie Lu

Press Release:

A soundscape is possibly the most malleable space that exists. With every pulsation, compression or release of vibrations through air particles in a space, a soundscape is built, dissolved or sustained. Sound and its relationship to temporal space reminds the viewer that everything is transient, and everything is in a state of flux. Think about a body in space. As you step into a room, the space changes – the stasis is ruptured and you are present within it. You recreate the space, this living body of sound surrounding you. There is nothing left to do but be present at the centre of this flux.


The air is filled with frequencies that are imperceptible to us, particles that vibrate too quickly or too slowly for our ears to listen to. A room is filled with this, this apparent silence. 

Plod (plod). 

You turn your head, trying to find the pair of feet that followed you in. You continue walking forward, plod, tracing your path through the space. What accompanies you through the space is the shadow of your sound. A faint buzz radiates off every surface, sending shivers through the room’s nervous system, a mesh of soft and hard lines. You linger, slowly but surely sensing the building aural iridescence. Your sound-trace, your companion, moves and heaves around you as you mingle with the surrounding space. 

You are the starting point, rupturing the stasis. You are all at once here, there, and everywhere. You plod on.

Shown in the Post-PopUp at CCA (Centre for Contemporary Art) in Gillman Barracks, Singapore from 22nd to 31st August 2014.

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