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Tiny Bugs



Fitted timber frame, tracing paper treated with marine varnish, volcanic sand, metal wire rope, cable ties, wires, 1.5-volt vibrating motors, programmed relay board with Arduino Uno



12-volt electric winch, metal wire rope, cable ties, bass drum, wooden spheres, slinky, programmed relay board with Arduino Uno



Snare drum, mirror foil, detached projector lens, PVC pipe

Tiny Bugs, Mid-Rotation and Loosen were installed in a site-specific and time-specific configuration in St James Hatcham Church. A false ceiling/light box whirls overhead, drumming a rhythm in metal and sand. A stationary mirror/snare drum sits in precariousness on the wall, a lens inviting observation. The gruesome creak of a motor jerks a bass drum/slinky puller upwards and downwards. The ground is smooth yet rough, glossy pool sprinkled with grains of lead filings/sand. 

Special thanks to Albie, Joan, Lalin, Peter Mackenzie and Nicky Donald.

Shown at Fine Art Degree Show 2017, Goldsmiths, University of London from 17th to 19th June.

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