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Durational performance with constructed instrument

Vibrating motors, transducer, drum parts, plastic sheet, metal scrub, perspex, metal grid


Performed collaboratively with Nedelina Zheleva


Switch-board came out of experiments with electrical conductivity and transducers, which produce vibrations according to changes in the flow of electricity. The idea that circuits could produce vibration in a very rudimentary way led to the idea of being a new kind of instrument-maker, an electrician-luthier of sorts. Working with both musical and non-musical materials, as well as collaborating with a classically-trained guitarist, Nedelina Zheleva, for its performance, the constructed instrument echoed the relationship between the instrument-maker and their player. However, the moment of improvising music in tandem changed this relationship to one of exchange and exploration in tandem. The instrument was both mechanically (through motors) and physically (through the movements of the performers) activated. In its showing, the piece even became interactive, as inquisitive audience members tried the instrument out for themselves.

Shown at Spring Roll-Call at The Morgue in London on 28th March 2017.

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