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Untitled (Spatial Transcript)


Installation comprising video projections and lightboxes

Collaboration with artist Joscelin Chew


Untitled (Spatial Transcript) is an installation that brings together text, photography, moving image and light to reconfigure written observations of space. Taking writings about everyday experiences as source material for formal exploration, the work investigates the gaps between image and text through the use of distortion. This process of distortion takes place through digital means in the re-writing of code. The resulting images undergo further distortion through interactions with light and space, as they are recomposed as light boxes and projections. The work seeks to offer viewers a revised transcription of the everyday through a new format of observation. 

The public was invited to submit descriptive texts to add to the installation’s source material. The audience’s writings added to the collection of subjective perspectives to further investigate the disconnect between experience and written description.

Shown at HEARTH, Art Outreach, Gillman Barracks, Singapore.

Photos by Collin Wan.

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