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Untitled (Sound Sculpture)




Collaborative improvisational sound piece with Jes Kim utilising:


Electro-acoustic guitar with amplifier

Various sound making tools


An exploration of the meeting of sculpture and sound, bringing together our disparate artistic practices. A juncture exists between these two mediums, linked by properties of materiality and malleability. Both are shaped by the forces exerted upon them, physically or acoustically. Spaces unify physical materials and sonic materials - a gallery space simultaneously dictating the placement of an object and the resonance of a note.


Through two weeks of focused practice and exploration, the improvised piece was created gradually, distilling and examining passages of playing that communicated the flow between the both of us and getting to know each other’s impulses. All music was produced in the moment, underscoring the significance of space and real time in the work.

Staged at Abeerance #8 at Southwark Platform in London on 18th June 2016.

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