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loop / pool


Site-specific installation with programmed elements
Water tanks, pumps and LED strips in frames
LED insets mounted on PVC banner
5-channel video and accompanying soundscape


Conceived in response to the sonic and physical space of the Community Wall, loop / pool encompasses a series of works that harnesses the adjacent escalator’s ambient sound and cyclical mechanical motion as a starting point to explore ideas of repetition, states of transition and reservoirs of temporal flows. The works comprise LED panels embedded within digital prints, tanks of water filled with slow-releasing dye from butterfly pea flowers, a moving image work of abstract insets and an audio piece of environmental sounds. Programmed to unfold in real time and anchored in a closed loop of change, the artworks on endless repeat echo the whirs and circulations of its mechanical antecedent.

Showing at the Esplanade Community Wall from 13 May till 4 Sep 2022.

Photos by Nedelina Zheleva.

DSC08192 2 copy.JPG
DSC08309 copy.JPG
DSC08249 2 copy.JPG
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