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Interactive Multimedia Installation/Event consisting of:

Arduino Unos programmed to create light-sensitive vibrating motors

Contact microphones rigged to various surfaces

Guitar amplifiers

Fairy lights

Energy is the essence of life, transformed from one form to another to enable processes to take place. Exploring the potential of this phenomenon, Circuits works through the transformation of light into sound through vibration.

Composed of light sensitive circuits and programmed microprocessors that feed into vibrating motors that interact with various materials to create sound, the piece is an initial experiment in creating a living installation. The motors' speeds are dictated by the amount of light the circuits are exposed to, making the work responsive to its surroundings in real-time, being created at the same time as it is perceived by the viewer. This spawned the installation/event format, in which an installation unfolds simultaneously as the audience views it, and occurs in site-specific conditions that cannot be replicated, making it as ephemeral as lived experience.

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