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Single-channel video with music

Mixed media painting made on muslin and calico

Improvised music co-created with Nedelina Zheleva


This multi-media installation was devised to create an atmosphere of meditation. Ringing metallic resonances that echo the pentatonic scales used in traditional Chinese music weave together with a video composed of moving colours and organic forms. These elements culminate in a suspensed object that spans multiple planes of space – the lens of the projector, the surface and back of the painting, and the wall.


Poised at the intersection of video, painting, sculpture and music (co-created with musician Nedelina Zheleva), the work bridges mediums to discard existing boundaries between media, placing focus on the unified, overall experience of the work. The expressiveness of abstract brushstrokes implying movement and semi-recognisable imagery, and the rigidity of the video’s digital format are bound by the same space. 

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