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Blue Windows (Quiver)



Interactive Multimedia Installation/Event consisting of:

Fishing line attached to a 1-volt vibrating motor

Blue tarp concealing two half-opened windows

Arduino Uno attached to programmed proximity-sensing LED spotlight

Blue Windows continues the exploration of the installation/event format, a live installation that unfolds at the same time as it is being viewed, ephemeral and occuring on a one-time basis. It deepens aspects of the audience’s perception by involving them directly in the creation of the piece, through the use of proximity sensors connected to a microprocessor. The viewer’s positions in the room affect the intensity of light produced by the room only source of illumination, a spotlight, casting a faint, quivering shadow on the wall. As passive triggers for the evolving system within the space, the audience is subsumed into its infrastructure. 

The insular nature of this system is ruptured by half-opened windows covered in a wash of blue, allowing sounds from outside to leak in, mingling with the soft whirl of the quivering mechanism. In between what is seen but not heard, and heard but not seen, the work seeks to sensitise the viewer and open up a sense of wonder.

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