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Acknowledging Intuition [AI]


Installation comprising video projections and lightboxes

Collaboration with artist Joscelin Chew


The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has prompted artists to re-evaluate the ways in which we make art. With text-to-image AI’s ability to swiftly create images by learning from an innumerable library of images from all over the world, some may posit that the artist is no longer necessary in the art-making process.

Acknowledging Intuition (AI) takes its starting point from a creative brief produced by a generative AI (ChatGPT). In response to the prompt “an art exhibition that re-evaluates the intersection of text and image against the growing pervasiveness of text-to-image generative AI”, ChatGPT had proposed a series of paired text and image pieces, where one is created by a human artist and the other by an AI model. 

To serve as prompts for the construction of image, the public was invited to submit descriptive texts reflecting on their relationship with technology prior to the exhibition.

Through actualising the vision of a generative artificial intelligence, the exhibition raises the question, “What does it take to be an artist?” and considers the implications of AI on art and human creativity at large.

Shown at 42 Waterloo Street, Part of Singapore Art Week 2024.

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